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The Right Fit?

Every professional or future professional faces the same challenges in finding a salon and spa that will be a good fit. We at WARMSPRINGS understand these challenges and have built this site to help you get to know us.

We are a group of professionals committed to nurturing an environment that promotes the personal and professional growth of each team member. As such, this site also strives to help you discover more about yourself. Hopefully after reading through this site and warmspringsdayspa.com, you’ll begin to determine if we are right for each other.


The purpose of this page is to assist you in determining what type of environment best suits your needs. No one likes to get into a situation only to find out it isn’t a good fit.  Everyone loses when there is turnover. Ask yourself the following questions and see where they lead you. Put a star by the one’s that are important to you and make sure you find out if the salon you are considering meets the standard you require in those areas. Remember, it’s better to find out at the beginning then after you become established.

1.Am I looking for a place that will allow me to immediately go on the floor?

2.Am I looking to get into a salon that has a training program and get my feet wet as an associate or assistant first? How long am I willing to assist?

3.Do I want to work in a salon that has structure and standards or would I fit better in a salon that is a little more relaxed and from the hip?

4.Do I work better in a fast paced environment or do I gravitate toward predictability and calm?

5.How important is location to me? Do I want to live close to work or is the location of the salon more important?

6.Do I work better within a large group of people or do I prefer a more intimate environment?

7.Is it important for me to work around people my own age or do I need a diverse group of people to keep me stimulated?

8.Do I want to work in a high-end established salon or would I be best suited in a salon that is a little lower key with a boutique feel?

9.Are benefits important to me? If so, what benefits must I have? (Health insurance, vacation, tools supplied, 401K, education, etc…)

10.Do I work better in a team environment or do I prefer to march to the beat of my own drum?

11.Do I want to work full-time or part-time?

12.Do I want to be able to make my own schedule or am I willing to be scheduled based on the needs of the salon and what will make me the most successful in the shortest amount of time?

13.Am I willing to embrace the systems, standards and expectations of an established salon?

14.Do I want to work behind the chair or do I want to be more of an editorial stylist?

15.Do I want to specialize in one department? (Cut, color, texture, etc…)

16.Do I mind maintaining a consistent schedule or do I like to come and go as I please?

17.Am I committed to getting better?

18.Am I willing to be held accountable for my performance?

19.Do I respond well to feedback?

20.Can I give feedback constructively and from a good place?

21.Am I a self-motivated person or do I need help staying focused and motivated sometimes?

22. Is it important to me to feel a sense of pride and ownership where I work?

23.Am I looking for a Mentor?

24.Are the hours of operation of a potential salon important to me?

25.What am I looking for in a boss or leader?

26.Do I want to work somewhere that has a dress code or do I like to wear whatever I want?

27.Do I want to work somewhere that has an employment contract in place to protect it’s business and staff or do I want to be able to leave whenever I want and take my clients with me?

28.Do I clearly understand why salons have contracts?

29.Do I believe that I am only as good as the person working next to me or do I believe that other people’s performance in my work environment doesn't really affect me?

30. Is it important to me to work with people who are passionate and committed to growing?

31.Is it important to me to work in a place that gets involved in the community?

32.Does the salon I’m considering understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment conducive to attracting the type of customer it is trying to reach?

33.Does the salon I’m considering do a good job of drawing new business into the salon?

34.Does the salon I’m considering offer incentives to their guests to return or purchase retail?

35.Does the salon I’m considering do a good job in supporting New Talent Designers?

36.Does the salon I’m considering have a clear defined career path of growth potential for me?

37.Does the salon I’m considering have a history of high turnover? Is the current staff happy and growing?

38.Have I gone to receive a service at the salons I’m considering? What were my experiences like?

39.Has the salon I’m considering been recognized in the industry for their business or creative practices?

40.Does the salon I’m considering have other creative outlets for me? (Photo-shoots, fashion shows, fund raisers, etc…)

41.Will the salon I’m considering allow me to grow into a position of possibly being a facilitator? Is that important to me?

42.What specific educational programs does the salon I’m considering offer?

43.Is it important for me to work in a full-service salon?

44.Do I want to work in a team-based pay salon, commission salon or booth rental?

45.Do I want to start in a commission salon, build my clientèle and then move to booth rental?

46.Do I want to work in a place that provides all of my tools such as blow dryers, clippers, trimmers, brushes, etc… or do I want to be able to pay for and choose which types of tools I use?

47.Do I mind being required to participate in meetings and extra curricular activities?

48.Is it important for me to work in a place that encourages and challenges me consistently?

49.Am I passionate about my chosen career?


These are just a few questions that might be helpful for you to ask yourself to determine what is important to you. We realize there are countless things to consider, but hopefully this list will inspire you to ask yourself other questions you may not have read here.



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