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Career FAQS

Below are frequently asked questions we receive in interviews from potential team members. We encourage you to email any questions you may have that aren’t answered on this list. Or you can jot them down to ask us in a potential future interview.

Q: Do I have to wear all black?

A: Kinda. We have a 90% all black dress code. We believe it to be classy, timeless and simple, (not to mention less expensive to you.)


Q: Do you offer a guaranteed paycheck?

A:  Yes. We believe in recruiting and hiring Honest, Passionate and  Hard-Working individuals. We would never want you to take a pay cut when partnering with our company's mission, vision and values.


Q: Does WARMSPRINGS offer benefits?

A: Yes. We offer a generous Healthcare Plan, Paid Vacation, Personal and Holiday,  Paid Continuing Education, Good Will and Success Systems.


Q: How often do I get paid?

A: Every Friday.


Q: Do you offer flexible scheduling?

A: We try to work with everyone’s needs but ultimately the needs of the salon and spa have to be met. We require that everyone who joins our team understand this and are able and willing to meet those requirements. When you are first starting out it is important that you are available at the high demand appointment times. The more established you become, the more demand for your time, the more flexible your schedule can be. WARMSPRINGS has Master Designers who have grown to the point of a HIGH income and a four-day work-week that excludes weekends.


Q: Do you offer a training program for future professionals?

A: Yes. We have a comprehensive program called “The Academy.” During this program you will be exposed to weekly in-salon training days specifically designed for future professionals. You will also gain practical experience in day-to-day operations and you will become certified as a GOLDWELL Specialist. If you apply yourself during this time, you will undoubtedly have the foundation necessary to begin a successful career in the beauty industry.


Q: Do I have to work nights and weekends?

A: Yes. In order to be successful you must be available to accommodate the demand of the public. The highest demand for first time guests are evenings and weekends. As you grow with our company, we work to bring our Master Level service providers to a "9-5" style workweek, if that is what they seek.


Q: Do you offer performance reviews?

A: Yes. Each team member has a monthly one-on-one with their Mentor to review performance, celebrate successes, and identify opportunities for growth. Both Associate and Mentor will have the opportunity to give feedback for the previous month.  One-on-one’s are a critical part of WARMSPRINGS success. We believe that numbers don't lie or have an opinion. Our team holds a Morning and afternoon "HUDDLE" each day to go over schedules, events, new products and the previous days performance. Our team cherishes these huddles. Its our culture.


Q: Are you a commission salon and spa?

A: Yes and No.  All  service providers are paid a percentage of each service performed. The details of  of each service percentage can be discussed further into the hiring process. We caution those making a decision based on commission percentages. There are designers out there that make 100K per year on a 40% commission scale and those who make 30K per year on a 60% commission scale. The percentage has little consequence except to say that those salons luring stylists with very high commissions are not providing all the support necessary to maintain a vibrant business.  FACT: 83% of salons do not see their 10th anniversary. This is due to poor compensation packages that do not reward the right behaviors. What gets rewarded, gets repeated.


Q: Do you pay retail commission?

A: Yes. 20%.





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